Queen Blue Tea – Premium


I was sitting at my local “sushiateria” and after dinner, we were talking about the local wine bar. Then all of a sudden, a bottle appears as a gift. I declined the offer and insisted they open it. The wine glasses cleaned, the bottle opened and then all of a sudden, it looked like a blush wine. I said to myself “yikes” this color is just too unusual.

I should have known when the wine bottle had a crystal top. It was poured into the glass and handed over, a feeling of being confused for a split second and then suddenly, I was in awe.The taste unique, deep but not bitter nor sweet, a perfect balance. it was a blue tea!

Blue teas are going through a partial fermentation process, producing topaz to amber color and a deep satisfying taste. The fermentation is stopped at a precise moment; therefore blue tea production is labor-intense. This tea was produced in Kanagawa Prefecture, and is not your everyday tea. It grows in a controlled environment with measured periods of sun and shade. The highest grade blue (Oolong) and green tea leaves are handpicked at the peak of the season and brewed in cold water for 3 to 6 days to achieve the tastes and the color. As a result, the world tea market consumes 80% of black tea, 18% green, and only 2% blue. But there is a good reason, because the cost of this tea is stifling.


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