Cod@ Le Musee – Hokkaido

There are various ways to prepare cod but this cod was prepared at a low temperature of 47*C according to the chef. The fish was prepared to perfection and the tastes were delicate and all ingredients complementary.

The base was a combination of bread crumbs and nori, a type of semi dry paste. It added a fantastic dimension of flavor and texture.

This chef understands how to combine texture and taste in a balanced way, by using fresh herbs, flowers and a skilled and thoughtful technique. There was some shirako,a small fried portion lay upside down.

The chef intentionally uses his own whimsical way, by hiding flavors so you have no real way of predetermined tastes. This is particularly cleaver, so you do not have any predisposed ideas that would inhibit or prejudice.

It is not easy to understand this dish without trying it because the temperature played an important role. There was a secret hidden ingredient that added “fat” to the dish……. so what was it?

It was a white bulb of lis and camembert cheese. It sounds like an odd combination but I felt the dish was smart and had a well defined idea behind it.