Sashimi Shiromi

I try to begin with white fish in order to access both the skill of the master and to see what quality of white fish they use.

White fish is often more delicate than you think. in the west taste is based in an immediate perception of easy to recognize tastes. we think if taste as something we can easily recognize and place. in the east is us nit quite the same. the foods are connected to tradition and the suppleness. taste is nit always precise as in the west. in the east we enjoy very much texture and taste includes texture. we cannot understand this in the west as taste spectrum is more narrow. delicate and requires the chef to carefully think through his cut and accompanying ponzu or alternatively his play on what he feels is his best approach. It sounds pretty easy but in order that a chef gets it right, it takes a certain “tongue” to hand craft the combinations. All chefs have a varying degree of opinion on this subject.


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