You enter after confirming your reservation with the attendant waiting outside. I suppose it is necessary due to the snow festival and large number of visitors during these 3 days.

The service was friendly and the staff attentive. The fish is from the local waters of Hokkaido. The restaurant has a traditional design and the counter is a large hinoki tree cut to perfection. The style is a touch touristy with an emphasis on the decoration and ceramics.

Sapporo is very close to Korea and China so many take the liberty to enjoy high quality cost performance. Sushizen is meant to impress the clients and the neatly dressed chefs have name tags so you can easily engage them in discussion.

I may have written this before, but, there are two types of sushi chefs: those that speak and those that rarely say a word. The Chef’s way of working can influence the enjoyment and concentration of the clients.

Our host was critical of my concentration because I was using my iPhone camera. It is true that my concentration was not 100% but it was enough to enjoy the experience.

If you visit Hokkaido and have time to pass through Sapporo it is a good place for sushi novices.