achickyThis is the Poulet de Bresse which is standing on a Suntory Premium malts just prior to cooking. The recipe I usually use takes one hour of preparation and it is an intensive process given it is just a chicken. The worst part is the blanching of the skin which is a hassle and can be very messy.

This time I decided to take an alternate route and use a hybrid technique. I took the bird and placed it over a beer can with some 40% beer remaining in the can. Then I broke the ankles and foiled the legs to prevent any escaping of juices.

I set the oven at 72°C and let it run for a while to see the temperature fluctuation. All ovens when operating fluctuate and will range between 5/10 degrees often upwards in temperature.

I then injected the chicken with 20ml in each breast and the breast meat plumped up immediately. I massaged it a little to get the solution evenly distributed.

I used a solution of 7% water and salt equal to the birds weight. I was after was a slightly more salty solution. After injecting the bird, I placed in into the oven for four hours.