Liquid Bread

You cook a chicken over a beer can, the can have beer in it, and so what do you do with the left over beer, drink it? No!

I thought about it and said no, it is too odd. But then I thought about it, the unusual characteristics, a kind of bubbling sensation of gasses in your mouth with the taste of “yeasty-hops”. The alcohol dissipated, you have an intensified beer taste. The fats of the chicken that collect with the beer during cooking could be used.

I wanted to find a useful way to use the deposits of fat and beer. In fact, Beer is a rich source of nutrients; therefore, as expected, beer can contain significant amounts of nutrients, including magnesium, selenium, potassium, vitamin B, etc. There are several chemical events in brewing and bread-making that are very similar, for instance the impact of oxidative cross-linking of polymers:

I took 5 fruit tomatoes cooking them over a medium heat for six minutes and then passed them through a hand food mill to eliminate the seeds and retain the pulp. The next step is important and you need to find some kombu rausu, which is very fragrant and produces a rich stock. I used this kombu because it adds a dimension to the sauce, a umami quality I adore. You add a piece approximately 4cm by 5cm and let it soften in the sauce. Once softened, a, you keep it in the fridge to let it relax and keep it for later use.

I then take four bulbs of garlic, (water to cover them) over heat to boiling. Then take it off the heat and add some cold water (to cool the liquid) and add shoyu, enough to blacken the water. Add one anise star and now you have a mixture that you keep aside.

Later, you take the water from the garlic and shoyu and add a chilli pepper whole. I rest it for twenty minutes and then remove it. Over a low flame, I add some “kuzu water” to the mixture then add some of the beer’d chicken juices and tomato mixture.

I continue to combine the elements according to taste, by taking more of the remaining garlic water and tomato beer, until I have a nice “kuzu” consistency.

I decided to use this sauce at the end of the meal by taking cooked white rice and the sauce as a base. It is was nice way to finish a meal and an alternative to a starchy potato.