The Poulet is cooked to a different tune. I made a few adjustments to the glazing of the bird. I decided that I would make it more western styled which I cannot necessarily say is right. I think for a Bresse chicken the glaze should be kept to a minimum because the quality is to high and the skin is incredible. Therefore the higher the grade of chicken, the less interference is required, unless you are a junky.


The glaze is based on, paprika for color, shoyu for saltiness and color, mirin and sake, two elements that I often use and they give dimension to taste but be cautious not to use too much, and check the balance.

The quality of shoyu and mirin is critical and so be selective in using a fine quality. I used a sprinkle of dry garlic and black pepper from the Peugeot grinder. I reduce it over a small flame to get some intensity of the ingredients and add some sake at the end to burn off the alcohol and gain some sugars.

I decided this time at the last hour to glaze (which is the right time) and I tuned up the temperature at the last twenty minutes to 85°C and added a little honey in the glaze to make it sweet.

In terms of balance, I also added a mixture I pre-made with garlic onion and water with shoyu that was cooked over a low flame. I then added a hot chili pepper at the end to give it some hot-zesting. I think you could add some lemon zest or orange zest which will give it another dimension of flavor.

After cooking let it rest 30+mins.