asharkShark FinsI apologize to shark lovers and those who find the consumption of shark brutal. I guess it is, and eventually you won’t need to worry shark lovers because us humans will kill the sea before the shark’s fins become extinct.

Knowing that shark fin is a controversial dish, I still eat it. (sorry) Recently, I tried a 150g, shark fin at a well know Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. For many Chinese they would complain that the cuisine in Tokyo is too pristine. I know what they mean, but I still enjoy “high-end” Chinese in Tokyo. In fact, all “high-end” is pretty much the same, excellent and expensive. But there isn’t another place on this globe that can compete. Hands down, Tokyo is the finest “Food Capital” and there is no arguing. 

As one of eight regional delicacies in China, shark’s fin represents a luxury item for high social class in China. Due to its rarity, it has been considered as symbols as power and wealth. However, raw shark’s fin has no real taste by itself. But old Chinese medical books said that shark’s fins helps in areas of rejuvenation, appetite enhancement and blood nourishment, beneficial to vital energy, kidneys, lungs, bones and many other parts of the body. It emphasizes that people considered shark’s fin more than a food ingredient.