Onsen Milk Kyushu – video

The water is just milky white steam and its wonderful to sit, relax and reflect. The snow doesn’t falls, the wind blows and the water trickles, you are still. The cold touches your skin, it feels warm, then cold all of a sudden. You go under water, it refreshes you until the cold bites for a last time.

Milky water, referred to in Japanese as “iou-sen”, these sulfur springs feature a peculiar smell and make it tough breath, at least initially. My youngest son, held his nose and grunted yuck.

I got used to it quickly and enjoyed the egg stench. I was fascinated and a dream come true. I always dreamed to try this type pf water. I can tell you, the good news is, sulfur spring waters are known to help ease chronic disease such as dermatitis, etc. I believe it to a point.

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