Human Machines


We no longer possess the hand craftsmanship it takes and machines seem to be doing most of the skilled work these days. The robot becomes the future as labor gets less and less skilled. What do you think, if labor costs increase, and machines are more efficient and businesses are bottom-line driven, we opt for machines.

Even in our kitchen, you have choice (a) and choice (b). The task is Choice making pesto, and (a) is a Cuisinart and choice (b) is a Suribachi. 99% in the west will never have heard of a Suribachi, and they opt for the speedy simplified route, a Cuisinart.

The food dilemma in society is based on fast, cheap, immediate and quickly tomorrow, hence the progression of the industrial revolution. The alternatives for tomorrow are frankly getting more pathetic, when you can buy four pieces of Mcnuggets, plus a drink, all for $2, a food paradox when it comes to our health.

You cannot eat for free, and food disparity between the middle class and the working class gains more and more distance. When you see chicken becoming the everyday substitute for beef, it is obvious that customers are being sold the cheaper option. Of course you can stuff 10.000 more chickens in the same area as a cow, while keeping them locked in coops, feeding them by machines and slaughtering them fairly easily. The production time and handling is pretty simple in comparison to a cow that is many times the size of the butcher.

It has become easy to feed people poly saturated fats at a minimal price. These foods are poisoning the young generations as they chase “cheap good taste”. So what are our alternatives if young people don’t start to think more about food and less about Apple, Facebook and coffee. The answer is, “I am not sure” but I am sure that the world becomes more and more plagued by diseases and in part due to the cheap bad foods.

We cannot go on this way for long as medicine cannot keep up. I wonder when there will be warning signs on foods similar to tobacco.