Fugu no Shirako

Poison at the highest levels so why take the risk? It isn’t that dangerous and like most things if you are ignorant about them, you are afraid. I was asked to cook this shirako @ our friends home. The fully ripe internal egg mass in the ovaries is soft and creamy. Usually it is grilled over sumi-bincho charcoal but this time I had to invent a quick solution.

The recipe was simple; I cooled down the testis in the fridge to keep the outer layer firm and from falling apart. I heated the pan with olive oil and garlic. I scored the garlic to give it “oil penetration” to add flavor to the oil, but not all the way through. I toasted the oil and removed the garlic to the dish. I then shallow fried the shirako and de-glazed the pan with Sho-chu, a Japanese alcohol beverage made from potato. It was simple and tasty and customized for the guests. I added some fresh yuzu juice and a little peel. Oishii…


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