Our passion for Sumo is due to this man above.

So many people watch sumo and never really understand it. The national sport of Japan has gone through some major events, and many were negative over the last few years. But sumo is not the only sport to suffer scandals and it is common place in sports to see professional athletes using substances that are deemed illegal. Some how they all use them or many sports would be full of lame ducks with just too many injuries.

Getting back to sumo, it is an intense sport that is overlooked because western society thinks of fat people as useless in sports. But I can tell you, step into the ring with any sumo and you’ll quickly understand their level of mixed martial arts. It is immense to know that they move with the force of a bulldozer and not only are they strong, the are fat and connected to a technical level of phenomenal agility. In fact they have almost 90 technical and defined moves that they use and are recognized.

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