Il Don Giovanni 2012

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There is a dream about fresh ingredients and seafood. We often think of Japan but it is found in many corners of the universe. Here under the hands of chef Pier Luigi di Diego. He is a fast and reacts quickly to the change of weather and ingredients. He has magical ideas and works almost alone in his kitchen, loyal to his Japanese knife.

The owners passion for women, music, good food and good wine hence, “Don G” was the person who fully responded to all these prerequisites. The story of Don Juan portrayed as a wealthy, seductive libertine inspired many modern interpretations and is this the chef?

As I watch him prepare his dishes, he moves with strong concentration and his hands are swift yet, he takes control plating dishes for his bistro and one star Michelin. He has a sense of humor but can be intense and doesn’t like to be messed with. I watched him clean the kitchen and his concentration is the same. He is the Eminem of Italy.

His hands are wet when he says good-bye and if you are in his kitchen, he expects that you can live with his kitchen’s way of life, hence his way. Unlike other Michelin chef’s he is more daring and casual with his sense of humor. While at service, sensible and experimental but does not exaggerate with dressing up his plates too much and I like that about him.

He is balanced by his business partner Marco Merighi, a very generous and intelligent person. He handles the dinning room with an elegance. His passion is bio-dynamic wines and his cellar shows it. At Il don Giovanni they dedicate attention to wines produced by sustainable agriculture (organic, bio-dynamic, etc) that are fermented by wild yeast. The match of food and wine is very particular. Marco is pure, kind and passionate.

The white wine of Sacrafamilia Aramaico (Riesling 2007) is selected by Marco and served with white truffles from Alba that we hand carried. The truffles aroma are huge and they are shaved over a friend egg accompanied by local mushrooms. The next dish is extraordinary and served as an amuse bouche; onions, cabbage and herbs cooked to juicy perfection and a small cut of mackerel fish that has been slightly warmed in 58 degrees oil. This is a dish you dream of!

We finish with a lagoon bird roasted in a cocotte and served in its juices and paired with Unico Vega S. 1989 which fit perfectly. The meal finished with Kaki sorbet and it was another fine experience in Ferrara, an ancient city of much history. We adore this restaurant, the owners, and if you pass by the city – don’t miss it!

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