Jesus Christ – Jindai!


This wood is older than Jesus Christ – “Jesus Christ !” Think about it…2000 years old, carbon tested and amazing – isn’t it? We have to use these precious Jindai trees carefully, as they are almost priceless today. The cost depends on the size and condition and color.

The word “Jindai” describes the type of rare tree found after many centuries or much more. Known as “the age of God ” or ” God era”, it reminds us of modern religions.

Decayed yet usable, unique in color, these materials used are found throughout Japan, buried underground or submerged in water for many years, such as katsura (a Japanese Judas tree) that fell, buried in soil and then dug out several hundred years later.

The “Jindai” trees are covered with earth because of disasters i.e. earthquake. They have expressive color with the influence of the earth’s components. Accidentally buried decayed leafs and micro organisms and organic materials all lend a hand in Jindai trees as a natural phenomenon.

Growing under the earth, the nourishment in the earth soaks into the surface of the trees, and it makes Jindai an expressive dark ish color, with tones of grey and brown. We can find many Jindai trees especially in Hokkaido and Tohoku area. This wood looks like knowing but believe me, it is something.