Rincon Olive Oil


Yesterday I was walking in Isetan in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s premier food basements. There is a counter that just sells olive oil and they are offering 25 types of oils. Most are commercial and although very good, I wouldn’t say the selection is immense. The concentration is mostly Italian but I did find this Spanish bottle.

I tasted blind and decided that this oil suited the task at hand. It is fruity and the intensity lingers in your mouth without any back-bite. This oil is not overly spicy and is well-balanced. I rate it 95 Points out of 100 points as a reference for the future.

If you are looking for a tremendous variety of oil and you live in Europe, take a flight to Zürich and go to the basement of Jelmoli where you’ll find a shop within the shop, some of the finest oils from all over the world. The owner is a gentlemen in his early sixties (retired) with origins from Turkey, and he knows his oils.



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