Takenoko Type


After enjoying the over-sized bamboo I purchased in the organic market in Kamakura, I realized that two things; one, never let the bamboo sit without liquid (after cooking) in any metal bowl, and do not cover it.

Here is the best way to prepare it:

Take water from washed rice or take rice bran (nuka) and put the peeled bamboo shoot in a pot with enough of the white rinsing water from the rice to cover. Alternatively you can use plain water and put in some rice bran, wrapped in a cheesecloth. You must wrap it in a cheese cloth like a bouquet garni, or it will make a mess all over the stove’s top.

Bring to a boil, and simmer for about an 40 minutes but it is size dependent. By putting a hot chili peppers in the simmering water, this is supposed to increase its sweetness. Let cool in the water; if you try to peel it while it’s still hot, the shoot may split. Any remaining outer skin should now peel off easily. You can then proceed and use the bamboo shoot in various dishes. Store in the cooking water until you’re ready to use the bamboo shoots.