Sargassum Seaweed


Do you know about it?

Fascinating, the Sargasso Sea is 1,100 km wide and 3,200 km long. The ocean water in the Sargasso Sea is distinctive for its deep blue color and exceptional clarity, with underwater visibility of up to 61 meters. Early mariners describe a portion of the Atlantic as being covered with seaweed, and drifting seaweed is often found at the surface, sometimes mixed with garbage and pollution. Sargassum seaweed, is a large genus which prefers the open waters of the tropics.

There are a number of uses for Sargassum. In some regions, for example, it is collected as fertilizer. It is also a food source, especially in Japan, where it may be added to soups and fermented with the other ingredients in soy sauce to create a specific flavor. Many animals call Sargassum home, as the seaweed provides shelter with its abundant large divided leafs, along with a hiding place from predators and a source of excellent food and wildlife.


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