Hirsinger Tokyo


I wasn’t expecting to find a great chocolate shop in the Ginza from the Jura, a region of France known best for its exceptional cheeses, namely Mont d’Or and Comté. But it helps to be a Meilleur Ouvrier De France (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meilleur_Ouvrier_de_France) and Eduard Hirsinger is a real talent deserving of his designation.

Walking in Ginza, a freind points to a red and black shop, and it intrigues us. Insode a small boutique, you’ll find an exquisite shop with vins Arbois served to warm your soul, even a sample without any hestiaition, and an excellent selection of fruit jelly and chocolates.

Hirsinger calls his chocolates “Chocolat Vivant” “Living Chocolate” because he uses a variety of wholesome spices and flavor combinations to maintain his current relationship with his terroir, and traditions. His family has been producing luxury chocolates for the last 100 years a their chocolates are not cooled, or  preservatives added and no artificial flavorings. Even their milk is from the nearby Arbois co-operative.

T: 03 3572 7558