Pizza @ World’s View

This list was sent to me by a friend, and I am sharing it even though I haven’t tried more than two on the list. I decided to cross out those that I either tried, and I didn’t appreciate, or those that I think do not deserve to be on any world class Pizza list. There are so many excellent pizzeria’s in Tokyo, this list is missing too many to be a first class list. (sorry)

Pizza Rossa at Pizzarium: Rome

The Montanera at Pizzeria Starita: Naples –

Story Deli: London –

Pizza a l’aubergine at La Pizza: Cannes

Di Fara’s: Brooklyn, New York –

Sicilian Pizza at Buddy’s Pizza: Detroit

Sausage and Garlic Pizza at Santarpio’s: Boston

Pizzeria Bianco: Phoenix –

Cuartito: Buenos Aires

Fresh Whole Clam Pizza at Zuppardi’s: West Haven, Connecticut

Pizzeria Mozza: Los Angeles –

Margherita at Seirinkan: Tokyo