I tried Mizutani twice this past month and I try a restaurant at least twice before giving my opinion. The chef is wonderful, he is swift, polite and smiles a lot – a good sign. He is quiet and does not speak too much although he sometimes has a one-off comment with regulars.

I did see him annoyed, ignoring a client who was a little drunk and showing his feathers but he maintained his composure. The client was rude enough to tell him how much he enjoys Kyubei sushi – rather ridiculous behavior.

The fish at Mizutani is a little larger than I like. His rice is a little too soft bordering mushy, and was a little too warm. Both times the rice dominated and the balance is not 100%.

I tried it Mizutani a second time to confirm my feelings and, I think he has what it takes to be a three star. The bridge is made up of many, serving, preparing and the ambiance is calm, over decorated and a little nouveau riche. I cannot say I wouldn’t go back because I liked him, he is respectful, diligent and careful how he works. His helper is immaculate.

My one but not only criticism is he and his helper sometimes throws things, i.e the fish, the sushi mat but with a certain precision. A helper must never ever throw any fish as this is a non-no! A chef can do as he pleases, it is his counter, his choice and each client has his/her own opinions.

I think if you are a foreigner – please go there and enjoy it, the value for money is excellent and the taste and overall performance is way above anywhere else outside of Japan.