T-Bone @ Troia


Think about it, when you order a steak, it is the cows muscle. That is kind of weird for some meat lovers and for others stating the obvious.

But the Fiorentina is the ultimate T-bone (pictured) is Troia’s small grill in a tiny kitchen where they grill the meat to perfection. T-Bone steak, it’s the Psoas and Longissimus Dorsi together, with the bone that connects them. Depending on where along the spine the steak is cut, the ratio of Psoas to Longgissimus will be different. If there’s enough Psoas tenderloin then it’s called a Porterhouse instead of a T-Bone, but it’s essentially the same thing. If you have “big eyes” ask them to cut you a double size.

Troia chef

Troia is still one of my favorite restaurants but it is becoming more and more touristic, yet still very cozy and delicious. Avoid eating a heavy lunch if you go there and try the chicken, pasta and specialties of the house, i.e. the egg and carcofi.

Via della Porcellana, 25 r  50123 Firenze, Italy
T+39 055 212691