Katsuo no Tataki


It isn’t something I can’t say I eat often but this time it is cooked perfectly over straw and has a nice soft texture and delicate aroma. The straw grilled bonito fragrance is appropriate at this time of the year, it is preferred to cool naturally, so as not to impair the taste or let any fuel make an after taste.

The history of Bonito in Japan is interesting and is said to begin with roasting the fish on skewers while the skin is baked the theory has developed from the cuisine of fishermen, that the part that remains is what you use to make the dried bonito.

Tosa Lord Yamauchi Kazutoyo on the grounds of food poisoning prevention said bonito can be eaten grilled fish or baked only because the surface because it forbidden to be used for sashimi. The theory is that to kill the fish’s parasites that are in the skin of the fish you must cook it well.