Human Agony or Defeat ?


Life as a human being, is to destroy, build and destroy in pursuit of a so-called better life. It doesn’t make sense but we continue abuse our environment, our people almost to a point of no return. Syria genocide, is deplorable and brutality surrounds us as we turn a blind eye.

In this post the agony of natural disaster is not being compared with the agony and suffering of human life. I just thought that these two pictures speak for themselves.

Now on a political front, I am reluctant to speak about politics but I was astonished by what happened in Bangladesh. The death toll in the factory-building collapse in Bangladesh rose to more than 530 on Saturday, a day after the country’s finance minister downplayed the impact of the disaster on the garment industry, saying he didn’t think it was “really serious.” That statement is so absurd and politically backwards, putting the worst case of corruption in front of human life, and this pattern sounds all too familiar.


Our planet earth as it stands, is the only planet in our solar system known to have living oceans that are home to marine life. The oceans have been evolving for over 3 billion years and earth’s human population has increased to over 6 billion. Currently there are over 3 billion now living within 100 kilometers of a coast line. With the total world population projections an additional 30+ million people are likely to be added to coastal areas each year for the next thirty years. Human population is not a problem but a challenge, and human nature is too often a barrier we cannot easily overcome.