Black Garlic


Black garlic is a traditionally Korean specialty that is also becoming more and more common. he Black garlic derives its dark appearance through the fermentation process. Fermented garlic, “black garlic”  is a popular condiment in Japan and Korea. It is produced by fermenting whole bulbs of fresh garlic with the fungus Monascus Pilosus in temperatures of 60-80 degrees Celsius in a humidity-controlled environment for at least one month. After the garlic cloves will have turned black, you achieve a sweet, prune-like taste. The fermented garlic is left to oxidize or dried in a dehydrater box such as Excalibur.

It is said, black garlic improves digestion and protects the heart by balancing blood cholesterol. In fact this has led the researchers to describe black garlic as a natural form of lovastatin, an excellent agent in diet, and lowering of lipids.