Zino’s Dom Perignon

Dom P

The real branding of luxury consumable goods, innovation of Zino Davidoff was among the very first. He co-branded cigars with first growth French wines, which today would be almost impossible to do.

I had to dig into my stash to taste  25+year-old Dom Perignon cigar to check their condition. My cigar adviser, Rene the owner of Wagner Tabak in Zurich has always guided me through the smoke and mirrors of tobacco. The Dom Perignon still has plenty of oomph and lasted long and burned perfectly.

But Davidoff Cigars (Cuban) have never been the same since the Zino passed away, the cigar monopoly was taken back by the government and operated by Habanos. Habanos was founded in 1994 to exclusively undertake the commercialization of Cuban cigars. It is a joint venture between the Cuba and Imperial tobacco of Great Britain.

In the end, if you are lucky enough to have known the old Cubans, you’ll never forget their quality.