!!! Drakina !!! (ToThalassaki)


After 30 years I taste a fish I never tried! The Drakina fish has a head like a snake, it is ugly and the chef/owner Adonia of ToThalassaki doesn’t like to see it – so she cuts the head off. Typically a fish for soup, local fishermen use it. It is prepared with salt, sugar, raki, and anise seeds. It is marinated (2) hours and then served raw. If marinated more it gets very tough. A dish only for fish-experts and not on the menu.

The dragon can comfortably reach approximately forty (25+centimeters) long and a weight of approximately 500g, it lives almost always half hidden in completely sandy bottoms or at most mixed and generally feeds on fish paralyzing them with poisonous liquid that secretes and stores the poison glands located at the base of the black thorn with five pins. It uses these pins to sting, which are  located in the back just behind the head.

If you get a bite clean it with Betadine (antiseptic) with hot water as soon as possible!!

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