Lalos Fish Taverna – Naxos


Off the beat and track of the main drag which is full of touristic tavernas, you turn the corner to find beside a grocery shop “Lalos” a fish taverna where you’ll find authentic taverna cuisine. A good sign is the smokes, a small glass of beer (Fix), a well used ashtray, a mobile and his receipt book.

Owner Lalos prides himself on his homemade touch, a small kitchen and a fisherman’s fork and knife. The Tzatziki is strained to the nth-degree and added with heaps of raw garlic and onions, it will knock your socks off. While we just passed by after lunch we had a meze of what was available but try it yourself when you get a chance to visit Naxos island.

By the way, you can see that he is meticulous about how he organizes his own table, this restaurant has something many restaurants miss, hygiene and much more.