Amorgos – Video

Blue waters – crystal clear and behind the sky is the Monastery of Amorgos, a sacred place where Monks reside and expect thousands of visitors that make the journey. This day we were under the sharp cliff that rises some 600 hundred meters above sea level named. It is wild and beautiful with high mountains that falls steeply into the sea.

The highest mountain “Krokellos”, 821 m, dominates the north-western part of the island. Other mountains are “Prophet Elias”, 699 m and “Korakas”, 528 m. Amorgos stretches out to a long and narrow island, length 32 km and width between 2 and 6 km.

In the northern part of Amorgos there is a nature reserve which stretches from just outside the village of Langada all the way to the northern tip of island.

If you walk in the mountains you can find mountain crystal. In the three biggest long valleys (Aegiali, Katapola and Kalotaritissa) it is carried out a little cultivation, but mainly you will find olive groves. The mountains are covered with Juniperus, Cactus (Fragosikia) and many bushes in all colors.