Ilio Vasilema – Donousa Island

The Cycladic islands are truly amazing when the wind is not ripping strong. The trip to Donousa was quick with the very calmed weather we have been having. The seas are like rippled glass, colors of blue and shades of sand, a magical moment as the fall weather cools the air.

Before heading to the port, which is no more than a pier, we called ahead for a taxi (only two on the island) in anticipation of trying a restaurant recommended friends. No more than a ten minute ride to the restaurant we were told the taxi’s had suddenly stopped. I wondered, is this some kind of a joke? Not really, what happened is the local bus driver, (if you call it a bus) became so enraged by the taxi’s, as if they have nothing better to do. He stopped the taxi, an illegally operated car/driver and threatened him if he takes passengers; he would take his gun and shoot him! A modern Greek drama to say the least. In order to have some perspective, the island has 180 inhabitants, and the port is a small cluster of homes and tavernas.

On the other side of the coin, we walked to the other side of the beach, and climbed the small road to try the local taverna named Ilio Vasilema, translated as sunset. There you’ll find a the son, daughter-in-law and Mama all in tow. The kitchen is spotless, the dishes are exactly what you expect, mostly meat and potatoes.

Beets Donoussa