Profile Chef – ToThalassaki


When you consider that 99% of the tavernas do the same type of cuisine, her twist, not too modern and not traditional yet respecting traditions is perfectly balanced. Local foods, cheeses, fish and other products she finds locally, or from her garden says it all.

The hands say it all; behind every great chef, is the business side of the business, or there is no business. Thalassaki, referred to as ToThalassaki because of Greek grammar is a taverna, and not really different in character than most taverna, decoration simple. But, the main difference here are the people behind it, Aris and Adonia and their cuisine which is superb, an international standard and above.

I talked with them in a cafe in Tinos away from the taverna located in Isternia at the beach. Adonia smiles and says laughing, “I was a social worker”, without any training, and later she became involved in her passion “the kitchen”.

She is amazing as a person, animated when she talks about foods. She is a thinker and a doer, and she has no barriers in the kitchen. Her foods are balanced, no funny dishes that are senseless, she understands the limits of fusion.

Sitting with Adonia she describes her challenges of the kitchen and operating a business on a Greek island. A humble beginning, a humble couple, and two fine and kind people we adore.