Naxos Livadi Potato

It is rumored that the cultivation of potato started in 1700 but after the Ottoman rule period had a great success and considerably contributed to the island’s prosperity.
The fertile ground and the new economic fact that were in effect afterwards 1953 were main inhibitory reasons for preventing immigration, as then is founded the government-owned Centre Seed Production of Potatoes of Naxos, with basic suppliers the residents of villages at Livadi. The economic-historic fact we consider (as we have proved with scientific work) that it contributed in the creation of that conditions that changed soundly the economic and social life of people of Glinado, the up to then social use of their natural space and, naturally, the relations of particular rural community with her natural environment.
Up to then (1953) the agricultural production of the village was characterized by the mixed farming that is connected with the scattered character of landed property.The establishment of the Centre Seed Production of Potatoes of Naxos involved big inversions in the productive system. The establishment meant that the fertile Livadi was selected officially by the Greek State in order to produce government-owned potato seed, in order be channeled in markets of Interior. The production entered for first time in orbit of commercialization. It was a leading developmental proposal, which the local society accepted with enthusiasm. From then and after the systematic monoculture of potato seed raised almost all the traditional cultivated types, the potato became the auriferous source for the residents, “tied up” them with their ground, infuse them with social self-confidence, determined their attitude opposite education and the other free professions, even their nickname Patatades “potato men”. It appears that the future of management of this product (no and so much auspicious the last years) is connected with the future of the village.
Golden colored, Naxos potatoes are still considered the best in the country, and for a long time there was a specific Naxos variety. They are excellent when fried and have a creamy crunchy taste. Cultivation takes place in the southern part of the island where the fertile soil of Livadi makes it popular. The salty air lies atop the soil and the minerals deep below add to the density and flavor, a good potato needs fertility and water. Potatoes perform best in acid soil with pH 4.8 – 5.5, and Naxos potatoes are easy to grow as long as they have full sun, moderate temperatures, and light, rich, and well-drained soil.