Cheese Please – Feta or..


In the old days, Feta was made traditionally with sheep and goat but the government didn’t protect the producers and consequently cows milk cheese from Europe and elsewhere bombarded the market undercutting prices.

After a long legal battle with cheese producers making Feta under the same name using chemically blanched cow’s milk, the term “feta” has been protected since July 2002, which limits the term within the EU to feta made exclusively of sheep’s/goat’s milk in Greece.

Today the Feta is supposedly protected, and I am not sure about that, and Greek restaurants like to use whatever works best and costs least.

The cheese pictured above is Turkish sheep milk cheese, crumbly and tasty. It is served at some establishments as a spread for bread. This cheese was not smelly, nor does it have any taste of “animal”, it is balanced and melts in your mouth.It was served at Borsa restaurant in place of butter.

Think of the old days when cheese was made from Horse milk :-).