1993 Mykonos Kitchen

Our best asset aside from our equipment is the knowledge we have, where we learn, how we think, what we do, and where we go. Processes are important in every-kind of work, an integral part of what we do. A knife, fire, light, the air we breath, and most important of all, the ingredients.

Our kitchen in Europe is neighboring right on natural beauty, the Aegean sea, the blue sky, the turquoise waters, the hot days and cool nights. The sudden change of seasons and a view of a dark golden sky as the sunsets. The wind washes away the heat for the summer months and the light inspires us to use a range of colors. In the winter, the same skies are filled with clouds as we look out the windows for inspiration.


Most Frequent Question: I am asked what we do, and where we do it. We operate two non-professional hobby kitchens, one in Europe and one in Tokyo Japan. We search the best raw materials, and employ the best techniques.

Principally we have two kitchens, very different yet similar in many ways. We equipped the two kitchens with similar equipment, however in Asia the cuisine is very different. Eating habits are very different and lifestyle is very different. In Asia working techniques are refined, raw materials are in some ways opposite to Europe and or parallel. Hence the kitchens are very different, yet similar. These are just some of our tools we use daily while experimenting, feeding guests and family, or exchanging ideas with guest chefs and friends. Our European kitchen is more of a hard-core working kitchen, a place where many days of cooking pass. The summer is busy and the chef works long hours, but have time to enjoy and study in the kitchen.

One of our greatest assets is our library, our books from all over the globe. The Modernist Cuisine is our kitchen bible as we continue to grow our library. We encourage our chefs to select new titles so we can keep our library current.


The stove is [4] large burners, heavy-duty, a walk around center console made by Thermaline, the environment has many people coming and going and this stove delivers performance.


The kitchen’s smoker is very practical and we use it to impart smoky flavors into just about anything from Yoghurt to Paprika, seafood, etc. The Helia smoker (if kept shut does) does not make the entire kitchen filled with smoke but it all depends on how you use it. An absolute necessary tool that is fun to use. This tool has adjustable heat, smoking time and the box is simple and not heavy-duty. This in our view is not a professional smoker, yet it gets the job done.

Smoker Helia

The Oven is Electrolux Touch Line, an over-sized machine that can do just about anything. It is programmable and has a probe to cook to precise center core temperatures. This oven does what you need with a separate boiler that produces steam at the temperature you need.


The hand-held vacuum is excellent for maintaining freshness. The system is Swiss, you use heavy-duty inox containers to vacuum in place of a plastic bag. It is another tool that is handy, we also use it to work under pressure for making mousse, or other deserts.


Greenstar is our favorite tool, it never lets us down, it is filled with slow-moving power that mashes the little leafs that hold the micro energy. Everyone should own a Greenstar, refresh flavors and extract color and taste.


The king of ice cream machines, a LABO 812 E is a compact counter top batch freezer designed for catering and restaurants. It is a professional machine that produces excellent gourmet ice cream and perfect sorbets. It is a useful tool, it spins ice cream in less than 5 minutes and it rarely lets you down.


We use a C200 chamber vacuum which is one tool we cannot live without. I have had this tool for fifteen years or more and it is a must in any professional kitchen. Equipped with precision microprocessor controls and one-touch automatic programming, these systems are extremely easy to use. The sealing system delivers excellent results with all types of pouches and bags.

Vacuum S

The Paco-Jet is a tool that can be used in place of an ice cream machine. We use it for many uses and enjoy it as an alternate tool to the Carpigiani. Pacotizing enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ fresh, deep-frozen foods into ultra-light mousses, naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups and sauces. Intensive flavors, natural colors and vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions kept in stainless steel containers.


The Vorwerk known as Thermomix is amazing and it is a must in any kitchen, versatile and useful for so many things. It can pulverize and heat at the same time.


The tool we use all the time, hand carried from Thailand, it can crush whatever gets into the mortar.

Thai Mortor

The Vita-Prep is a tool that we use all the time and it is an absolute must have in any kitchen.


The water circulating pump, we cannot live without it! The Noon Pro is top line with a carrying case and probe. It is programmable with numerous settings, it does the job with accuracy. We also have other circulating pumps and water baths at our disposal.


The ultimate toy is a Berkel slicer, it has been the family twenty years. This slicer needs love and care to keep going but it goes like a Ferrari, it never stops or lets you down.


Our reliable rice maker, a tool that we live with each and everyday. Life without rice is not nice 🙂 and each day we make rice that is hand carried from Japan’s finest growers.

rice maker

Our hold-o-mat, a Swiss invention it can be used for cooking and holding temperatures. Included is a probe for cooking to desired core temperatures. Fully programmable it is a cool tool. Unique advantages the Hold-o-mat can offer, such as precision temperature control of +/- 1°C.


The La Marzocco GS/3 dramatically resets the gold standard for performance among all espresso machines. Its performance meets and surpasses the finest high volume machines on the market today. Pre-infusion allows you to bring out different flavor components producing a rounder, softer espresso that highlights brightness, sweetness and delicate notes.


Our pressure cooker is one of our favorite tools, we use the Kuhn Rikon 5qt, a Swiss engineered pressure cooker.


The single most important hand tool in the kitchen is a knife and the counter part, wet stones. While we don’t expect home chefs to know how to use a wet stone, we plenty of other professional knives ranging from my own custom made Japanese knife to other brands including: Kaji, Shun, Icel, Güde Messer, Henckel, Kyocera, Laguiole, Global and custom made blades.


When it comes to mirepoix, a sharp knife and good technique is key and you can always improve knife technique through practice.


Lastly, a kitchen is not a complete kitchen unless you have a coravin, a tool that is used to dispenses wine on demand, something integral to life. In our kitchen we use the finest ingredients, we never sacrifice a necessary tool, and our kitchen continues to grow with tools.


Of course we have many other tools that are not featured. Our kitchen has a variety of cookware, lodge cast iron, mauviel copper and all clad stainless steel. We have a brick pizza oven, an espuma, a thermo whip to make the best foams and stabilizers used in molecular cuisine, something we consider passé, yet certain ingredients are useful in achieving kitchen performance.