Salad Anyone?

IMG_5443 2

Thank you to Aris and Adonia, two wonderful people who deserve the best!

ToThalassaki’s last day for the season was today. During our last visit, upon our departure, I found the chef, and Aris in the garden at the same time. Generously they picked a selection of greens, herbs, yellow tomatoes, red cherry and mild green peppers, rocket, etc.

Stashed in a safe place until this afternoon, I kept them for our last day before we travel to Italy. The salad was sensational, the chives rang through with a nice bite, spices, the small bell yellow are easy to slice from the top down, the purple basil is awesome in any salad, green stemmed onions, small anise flowers, and baby spinach leaves. The final touch, the homemade cheese which was fantastic, the ending to a wonderful season.

See you soon xoxoxoxoxoxo