Friselle – Freselle (Don Alfonso 1890)


“Mama-mia”, she smiles, Livia comes over to our table in the morning to inform us of their regional foods. She is so passionate about what she does, pointing to a flat bread in our bread basket. This a bread we would normally avoid, but she explains, “this is our tradition”, she calls it Freselle, and explains to us the history. Livia says, it is best with fresh butter, and their homemade jams, which are superb. (she is right)

Friselle is a historical bread that was produced for its long conservation period, a valid alternative to fresh bread, especially in those periods when flour was scarce. A regional bread, the same type of bread in Apulia is “pane dei crociati” (Crusaders’ bread), used to equip the christian expeditions long travelings.