Capri @ Sea

These fall days were are traveling on the southern coastal region of sorrento. Sorry I post too much, I am giving you a little taste of the gorgeous views we breath-in, and a few other photos of our travels. The coastal region of southern Italy is special.


Photo: today in the morning we stayed in a small hotel along the coast facing mt. vesusius. This morning was glorious; the dogs barking, tennis balls bouncing from the courts below, the fresh air and clouds sitting about mt. vesuvius.


Photo: the Faraglione di Mezzo above is characterized by a central cavity, large enough to allow for our passage, average height is 100 meters. We traveled by a small local boat to Capri from a small port on the side of Amalfi en route to Capri, where we passed by some rock formations. Known as the scopolo sea stack, geological landforms consisting of a steep vertical columns of rock in the sea near the coast of Capri.


Photo: this “grotta azzurra”, the most famous of all Capri’s tourist attractions. We climbed aboard one of the little wooden rowing boats bobbing in the water outside the cave. You must lie back and wait while the sailor manoeuvres, or you can get decapitated by the swiftness of the boat through the narrow entrance.

At first, all you’ll see is the darkness, then, all of a sudden, the cavern fills with the most intense blue, the sound of neapolitan songs being performed by boat drivers is a little annoying.

Today we are off to the deep south to explore the nature, and beauty of the region – a trip to see a farm.