Da Michele – Pizzeria Napoli

Junk Pizza sadly, we have to report about da Michele, we visited the pizzeria yesterday, an awful pizza experience. The waiting is one thing, it is acceptable, a good chance to meet other people waiting. Yesterday we met a couple from houston traveling off from a cruise ship, the guides call it the best pizza in Naples. They ask us, should we wait, I give them the option of waiting one hour, or going around the corner to Trianon, a decent pizzeria.


Since Julia Roberts was filmed at da Michele, people from all over the world wait to taste da michele’s pizza. We have been going there for 14 years, it has always been our favorite choice but this time, it all changed.

The pizza was awful, the dough was inedible, too chewy, it had aromas of yeast, a sign that it was uncooked. The garlic on the marinara had aspergillus, a fungal mold, which can result in disease, it left a bad taste in your mouth, my stomach felt it later on.


Da michele is just turning out too many pizzas, the service is very poor, people complain around us, coca-cola is being served at most tables, the atmosphere “bland” but most of all, a real pizza disappointment. There was a time in the past where the pizzeria had integrity, today it is all different. They turn out thousands of pizza per day without any real concern about the experience or quality control.

Just a tip, if you decide to skip the line, just ask for take it and sit around the corner and eat your marinara. This is the best way to cut the line and avoid the restaurant all together.