Last Supper – Trattoria Masuelli /Milano/

This was our last Italian meal of the tour we made throughout Italy taking us from the south to the north. Italy is the perfect place to enjoy life, marvelous to eat as well, but beware the kilos because people do not take no for an answer when it comes to eating. Just be prepared and sit back and enjoy yourselves. These meats are homemade and recommended by the chef’s Dad who took care of us. He talks very quickly and with a deep sense of passion.

IMG_8664 IMG_8663

The following courses were excellent, the cheek of pig served with polenta, which is excellent, and another dish of the pasta Tajarin, pasta all’uovo made with egg. It’s typically served with butter and truffles, “tajarin ai tartufi”, and you can see it has Alba’s white shaved atop. In between a Solaia 2009, I liked it but my company found it to be too simplistic and over bearing.