Chicken’d Curry Twist

I cannot explain how to make the curry paste, it is something each person has to determine on their own given it is site specific. You use curry powder as the base and from there you need to decide what other oriental spices to add. When I make chicken curry I prefer chicken balls in place of sliced chicken breast.

You take minced chicken and add one whole egg, dry garlic, paprika smoked, chopped white onion and salt and black pepper.

You then make the balls by rolling them and placing them into boiling water with a slotted spoon. Retain the water to make the curry sauce and later add Jerusalem artichokes and a hand full of shitake mushrooms. Don’t forget to precook the mushrooms and Jerusalem artichokes by dropping them into scalding water.

Once your curry base is ready, take all the ingredients and combine them. This is what the chicken looks like (prior to making the balls) after mixing it in a steel bowl.