Sen no Rikyu @ Kyoto

It is early morning, why not think about enjoying a fine green tea or perhaps it is too bitter. Green tea and the tea ceremony has played an important role in the development of the Japanese mind. Tea has been as much a part of culture as any other symbol of tradition.

Still today, you’ll find plenty of collectors of tea brewing tea in their own confines. In fact, a few years back I was touring some architectural projects by Kengo Kuma, one of Japans leading architects. We entered a house under construction and it had three separate tea rooms. What struck me was the two tatami tea room, it was based on the Sen no Rikyu, who changed the spirit of tea.


He lived during feudal times where it is believed that feudal warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi commissioned Taian on the grounds of Zen Temple Myokian in Yamazaki southwest of Kyoto. This tea room is the first with a window that lights the Tokonoma casting shadows into the room. It warms it up the room, creates a mood, a sudden light, a more humble space.

If you visit Kyoto be sure to go to:

Taian Myokonian Temple,
56 Ryuko,
Oyamazaki-cho, Kyoto
T: 075 956 0103
Note: reservation required by postcard

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