Tea @ Kyoto

The town of Uji in the outskirts of Kyoto is supposed to be the birthplace of tea in Japan. The uji rivers flows under the bridge where the tales of genji are believed to be written: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale_of_Genji. A place that produces some of the finest teas in Japan, there you can find Gyokuro or referred to as Fujitsubo, one of the highest quality green teas.

Green Tea Fields

Tea in Japan is complicated but just try different teas until you find the tea you like. One pointer, when brewing tea use water in lower temperatures. Experiment and do not scald the tea or you will lose the fragrance and charm. Teas are delicate and should not be treated with a heavy hand or the potential is killed. If you enjoy green tea, try the Taiko san, a matcha powder tea from Tsuen: http://www.tsuentea.com/tea/index.html.

If you look at the page above you can see the hierarchy of the teas. Karigane is made from parts of Gyokuro and Sencha (stems, leaves and powder) that are sorted during the manufacturing process. Since Karigane is sorted from high-grade Gyokuro or Sencha it is less expensive than the tea leaves of those main products. This is of an excellent value as it has a better flavor than tea leaves of the same price range.

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