NeoFlam – Ceramic Pans

Talking with my friend (Alain) last night about ceramic technology inspires this post.

Last year I purchased some ceramic crockery that is the best I used so far. But there is never something that magical without some controversy. After bringing it to our kitchen from Australia, I researched it on the internet. I found out this:

Specs: The pans come in different colors and sizes. I still think these are the best I have used, I continue to use them in everyday use. The handles are also heat-resistant and are comfortable to grip. See here to get the background of the pans and pots:

Cleaning: you may wipe your pan and give it a quick wash, they are easy and ready to use again and again.

Disadvantages: avoid prolonged high heat when cooking. Cooking frequently on high heat can result in loss of quality of the non-stick surface.

Advantages: the fry pans are oven proof up to 250°C, casseroles with the lids are oven proof up to 180°C, and casseroles without the lids are oven proof up to 300°C.