Balloon Venus @ Dom Pérignon

The last time I posted this it still seemed unclear, so here it is again. The Jeff Koons Balloon Venus Champagne sculpture is intense glossy pink, made from a resin, it is light weight, and the interior is fitted to perfection. The sculptures are in production and will be delivered next year. This is the display model that traveled across the country shown in selected departments stores. It was crated and hand carried by two men, who unpacked it with white gloves and set in place for my review.

Here are some photos to help understand the piece and how it works. The top of the Venus is removed and beneath the top is a pink suede holder that fits the 2003 Dom Pérignon bottle. The bottle’s label is also designed Jeff Koons and it is in pink to match – à la Jeff Koons.

The the top section is separate and removable, the head gets fitted over the champagne bottle holder and you end up with the “bottle capsule” closed, a Venus is born. A very cool item – 650 pieces for the world and less than 30 for Japan. The majority were sold in America where it was sold out, in fact it sold out in a matter of weeks.

Part #1 – The bottle holder is in a pink suede – Part #2 Fitted with the 2003 Dom Pérignon –  Part #3 The head of Venus – Part #4 The capsule is closed and the sculpture completed, a Balloon Venus.

IMG_8457IMG_8461IMG_8469-3Koons 1