Kagami Mochi @ Yagyunosho

This is an elegant Kagami Mochi presented at Yagyunosho in Shuzenji.

The kagami mochi, translated to mean “mirror mochi” displayed in the house for Toshigami, the god of the new year, heralding the advent of the New Year to bring good luck and prosperity.

The two mochi are said to symbolize the going and coming years, the human heart, or the moon and the sun, the ‘spirit’ of the mochi, made from pounded rice gives strength.

The “daidai” is said to symbolize the continuation of a family from generation to generation.

The Ginkgo a living fossil similar to fossils dating to the Jurassic era, a symbol of unity of opposites, “yin and yang” a symbol of love and longevity.

The dried rice plant represents fulfillment of wealth and happiness, the seaweed represents purity and can be associated with the word yorokobu, meaning “joy.”


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