Kids Drums [not fried]

If you want to please kids, serve them drum sticks, hand foods that are yummy and finger licking good.

When it comes to preparing easy foods, the basic steps are necessary to achieve a good result. I take the chicken drums and blanch them for 30 seconds. Then let them air dry for one/two hours and they are ready. Taking a skillet, I use a slight amount of oil, the skin gets good and crisp.

Next, I add some sake and shoyu, I spin the chicken around until it gets coloured, the liquid reduces. I then take some simple honey, and add some water as the sugar carmelizes. I de-glaze the drums by using some more water and or more sake, turning the drums, they are cooking. I finish the drums with smoked paprika, garlic and pepper.

Any audience is a good audience when it comes to feeding kids, a smile on a childs face, makes a cook feel good.