Fugu “G00-G0” [Truffles]

Last night I ate fugu and truffles, I had to try it a second time to assure myself of the combination. It is interesting, the second time around, the taste remains at the top of my list. The idea of taking two foreign properties, combining them in a way where the balance is just right, is difficult.

I tend to think that Black truffles are so intense, they almost overwhelm the natural and subtle aspects of fugu, especially for Japanese. Fugu is a delicate food, perhaps by introducing the aromas and flavours of truffles seems overwhelming. That is not to say, truffles are incompatible, they are just a sudden surprise for a Japanese who has not the prior taste experience.

The long and short, truffles are an acquired taste, fugu is an acquired taste. The challenge of the two acquired tastes makes it more challenging. The ultimate challenge is to find the balance, a combination between texture and taste. This is where a sake helps warm your palate, giving way to more pleasure and stimulation. There is no doubt in my mind, tongue and temperature go hand in hand, a mind twisting “G00-G0”.

Fugu is mostly a textural food; skin, jelly, shirako’s milky-way, and the sashimi’s delicate texture. I admit, I am more used to the traditional fugu courses, where the fugu stands out as the winner, in this case, truffles are on top, and you pay for it.

IMG_5649 IMG_5670