Gamete Ooze

The main challenge with sea urchin is to maintain the consistency after the gonad or ovaries are removed from the test. The gonads are washed in salt water and then preserved in Alum, an aluminum product to stop the oozing and maintain their shape.

Have you ever tried raw sea urchin, I mean, the freshest just collected from the sea. Did you try the male or female, occasionally people misunderstand the taste of sea urchin. Imported or frozen sea urchin are often small in size, which can make the taste rather bitter and mature ovaries in the female are bitter. The larger male gonads are much more creamy yet the season and the harvest of these types is much more costly – so size counts in this case.

Look at the grains, they are dotted perfectly, a well-formed taste, the nori (seaweed) acts as a back drop to the texture and taste, balanced to perfection.


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