Noma @ René Redzepi


A Noma menu, I received a few copies this past month. Another friend was just there, a talented chef and sent me this photo.

She was very disappointed and I begin to understand why.

I reviewed some of the photos, and I tend to think their food has become more of a Nordic show (off) not to mention a greenish table and a matching dish. What happened to visual purity and the connection between design and food?

A dish should be kept simple, tasteful, whimsical when necessary, not too subtle that it becomes nonsensical, and fusion fused with tradition.

Keeping in mind that traditions are the very essence of indigenous cuisine, and respect for purity is the basis for any great taste.

I still cannot pass judgement, at least until I try his cuisine, yet his food doesn’t have nearly the same appearance on the table as it does in his books. It isn’t easy being at the top because there is only one place to go.

I doubt René Redzepi can stay at the top for much longer.

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