Edition Tokyo Part III /Michelin**/ Foie

Shimomura says, “you will not find a list of dishes on my menu. I only convey the best ingredients of the day to the customers, in order to create a customized menu according to their preferences. Your dishes may differ from the tables next to you, or even from your partner. This is the haute couture cuisine. Haute Couture Cuisine is composed with the best seasonal ingredients, customer’s preferences and our Chef’s culinary techniques.”

This is true, I ordered this dish pictured below, a terrine of fois gras, a special request to accompany Guigal’s Condrieu La Dorianne 2010, a great match. I started to drink Condrieu some twenty years ago, in Ampuis the small village where Guigal resides.

The foie wasn’t what I expected, it was a mouthful, round, unusually sweet and the strawberries, they were customized according to the maitre d’hotel. Grown especially for Edition, sweet intense flavours and the concentrated vinegar dots to contrast.