Edition Tokyo Part IV /Michelin**/ EX VOTO

The chef peeks in from time to time, he doesn’t leave his post often and when he does, he is politely saying good-bye to guests something customary in Japan. The chef works diligently in his small kitchen he has only a few hands to help.

We sit in a private dinning room just street side, the kitchen wall is at my back. The courses are intense, the food intense, roasted Challans duck breast with seasonal vegetables, and a jus, a great accompaniment with Guigal’s Ex-Voto 2001.

The duck cooked to perfection, Challans ducks are obviously French, raised for their lean, tender flesh, and famous for their use at La Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris. Challans are popular the world over, a cross between Rouen Clair and Colvert ducks breed in the 17th Century.

The wine was a youthful, it was intensely perfumed and had tannins to hold the wine. The 2001 needs many years to turn the corner. (93 Points)